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Sunday, July 24, 2011

A/W Collection 2011: Christian Louboutin

Before I begin this blog post on the unbelievably amazing wonder that is a Christian Louboutin shoe (I think you can maybe sense here that I have a thing for Louboutin...a thing is an understatement. I'M OBSESSED), I would first like to thank those that are following me, as well as any that have come to check out my blog. Don't be shy, if you like what you see, become a member, vote on my poll, like my facebook page, or follow me on Twitter. I would also love to check out your blogs too :)

Now that my thanks are over, let's get back to the good bit... the Louboutins. Or what I like to call it, pure unadulterated shoe porn. This season, the Louboutins that caught my eye were the chunky heeled courts, that came in a range of eye-popping colours. With A/W often coming in a palette or neutrals and darker colours, these Louboutins bring a great splash of colour to any outfit. If I won the lottery, I would most definitely get these shoes in every colour imaginable, but alas, that is in my fantasyworld, but I'm sure that Topshop and Office will be hot on the heels (pardon the pun) of Louboutin and it
won't be long before this style dons the tootsies of many a fashionista.
I also love these white shoes- especially the contrast with the heel. Very sexy, and classy ;)


  1. Ooh chunky heeled shoes maek me drool! Half because I'm so clumsy at least with chunky heels I have half a chance of staying on my feet :p these ones are gorge I love the bright colours :) the green is fab! Mhmm lottery sounds fab ha-ha!


  2. I love chunky heels! If I could afford it (like I said, relying on the lottery here) I really would buy these shoes in every colour imaginable!