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Sunday, July 24, 2011

A/W Collection 2011: Diane von Furstenberg

Striking prints were on the
catwalk at Diane von Furstenberg

Note the fringe detail on the coat
Diane von Furstenberg, as any fashion novice would know, is famous for her uber-flattering wrap dresses. But at the A/W Collection 2011, Furstenberg proved that she can do a lot more than wrap dresses. The show, as Vogue reported, was titled American Legends, and as one would guess from this title, it was very, how can I put it, cowboy-esque? With models walking down the runway in cowboy hats, donning fringe vests and culotte-style riding pants with loose-fitting blouses, there was a striking alette of aquamarine, red, and emerald. Pencil skirts were accessorised with chunky belts as well as skirts having vibrant prints- a style that is typical of Furstenberg. When it comes to flattering the shape of a woman, Furstenberg proved her collection is up to the challenge, wrap dress or not.

Pencil skirts flattered the shape
with wide belts.

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