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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A/W Collection 2011: Jean Paul Gaultier

The masculine look may be in,
 but that doesn't mean
 donning a baggy suit to
hide any resemblance of a
female figure.
Oh Jean Paul Gaultier, where should I start? At the bouffant wigs that look like something Snooki's grandmother would wear or at the fur luggage that looks like you're dragging roadkill down the catwalk? What was meant to be a "celebration of ageless style" turned out to be... well, frumpy. At some points the baggy clothing looked trendy but at others, it looked like the already waif models were drowning- it would do nothing for a woman's figure. Did Gaultier not get the memo? At a season where S&M seems to be all the rage, the conservative look that Gaultier is sporting just looks out of place. Some may call it maturity in the clothing, but somehow I think that is a euphemism. The classic pinstripes that are typical of Gaultier were present, and I must concede,they are classic for a reason, they just never go out of style, and with geometric lines coming back in, they are a winner. There was also tweed in the collection, which is also predicted to be very big this winter, however, the tweed capes look more like blankets that your granny throws on. With the baggy sack suits, little colour, and those grey Snooki wigs, it's just a no from me... but maybe my grandmother would disagree?

I just have no other words
to describe this wig.
Okay, maybe one more.

At first I thought a fox had followed the
model onto the catwalk. And then
I realized it was her luggage.

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