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Friday, July 29, 2011

A/W Collection 2011: Louis Vuitton

I'm unsure about the
patent-leather coats... they
remind me of Pretty Woman,
and that's never a good look,
unless your catwalk
the Red Light District.

I haven't done a review of designer A/W collections since my review of Jean Paul Gaultier... I suppose I was getting over the trauma of viewing his collection, but Louis Vuitton is here to save the day. Marc Jacobs really can't get enough of S&M as his S&M theme on his own collection was obviously not enough, as his designs for Louis Vuitton are also S&M themed, with the form of French maids, bondage, and crystal handcuffs. There were many accessories, as well as the trademark LV bags as well as shoulder bags in fur with wide patent obi belts- which seem to be the "it" belt this season. The palette was full of rich colours like burgundy and browns, with coats in this colour as well as emphasizing the S&M theme by being patent. However, I am unsure if I'm a fan of the patent coat, as I think it can look quite cheap, personally, like the brown patent leather coat below. However, I like the lapels on the coats and their cuts are very flattering- something that is essential in any winter outfit. Marc Jacobs obviously has a penchant for S&M and this shows in both collections, but personally, I find the LV collection quite hit-and-miss.

I love the buttons on this coat

I love the lapels on this coat.

I love the jacket, however,
I don't see how the
cut of the trousers
 would flatter anyone's figure.


  1. What I noticed is that Marc 1. does take is themes from his eponymous lable over to Vuitton but also tends to take his cues from Prada.

  2. I agree. I did actually notice the similarities between his designs for Louis Vuitton and his own collection, but he always manages to do it in a different form, and I do think he is inspired by Prada.