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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Find of the Day: Irregular Choice

Now I've known about Irregular Choice for many years now. And if I could summarize their collection for you, then imagine Lady Gaga having been reincarnated into a shoe. This, my dear readers, is Irregular Choice. When you enter their website, it's a cross between a candy store and a Disney world for the daring fashionista, in fact, just being on their homepage is a visual delight. Their collection, especially their shoes, are works of art, and if you need something to jazz up your outfit, then you will find it in Irregular Choice. The items listed are in British pounds, however, there is an American site where you can buy their items- you can find them on

Is it strange that this shoe
 is growing on me?
Daddy's Girl

Cher Lloyd, if you're reading this, I have
found your dream shoe.

I'm Bossy
I love the neutral colour of these,
 as well as the texture.
Can't Touch This

I love this- it reminds me of last season's
Prada collection with the animal prints.
Akha Hoody

Owls seem to be all the rage right now. I love the shape of this top and the design is very... inca-like?
Harold Rules


  1. The shoes sure are very interesting!!!!! ;)
    Mad For Fashion

  2. You have reason about their page!!!! It seems a park!!!! And now I fell in love with the shoes! wowowowowowowow


  3. Thanks guys! Their shoes are amazing but very unusual! Works of art :)