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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Find of the Day

So I decided to have my find of the day from the high street, and here it is. I am really loving H&M right now... I used to never like it, but I'm now becoming a huge fan. Their new ad campaign (check their UK website) featuring a video slideshow is very sleek and gives a couture feel to it. I can't wait until I'm back in the UK to check out their A/W clothes... as you can imagine, Zambia isn't really known for it's shopping! Anyway, back to the actual find from H&M! Whilst scouring the site, I came across these cute brown leather boots.

I'm in love with this outfit, especially the skirt... so bohemian. But the boots are the find of the day... not only are they long, but they also become ankle boots... confused? Look below!

The strap can become detached, making two boots.
Now you may think I'm getting a little too excited about these boots turning into two, but not only are they both stunning, but for those like me, who are shopaholics but on a strapped budget, it provides you with double the opportunities to make different outfits. And also, with neutrals and deep burgundies the key colours in the A/W 2011 palette, these boots would fit in perfectly in any wardrobe this season. And for £69.99, that's two boots for one... think of it as a... BOGOF ;)


  1. H&M is on of my absolute favourites on the high-street :) I love their affordability and simple chic style :) they tend to do a lot of great cut stuff too which I love I actually got a dress for my leaving do at school a couple of years ago from H&M as well as tons of basics so I love how versatile they are :)

    Love these boots I was admiring them on dressup (I could play on there for AGES) and I agree the bohemian styling on that picture is gorgeous :)

    Lovely blog! So glad I came across you thanks to bbloggers :) definitely following you now :)


  2. I can't wait to get back to the UK and try them on. Yeah I'm a big fan of the bohemian style and I think H&M are really getting it well this season! Thank so much :) I checked out your blog and I love your posts.. I noticed you have Sienna Miller and Rachel Bilson there, I love them too, they have a great style that is bohemian too. Hope you enjoy the rest of my blog :)