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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Find of the Day!

My find of the day is from another online indie boutique, and this time it's futuristic with an eighties twist (think shoulder pads...). Indie Fashion Marketplace ( is a great little website with fantastic retro, futuristic clothes as well as a great vintage collection. Look below for my favourite picks.

Futuristic Dress

Futuristic grey-white dress.
 I absolutely love this futuristic white dress. It's got shoulder pads in it, giving it an eighties look. You can also get it in black, and another reason why I absolutely adore this dress? You can turn down the straps to make it a skirt. Two outfits in one! I also love this futuristic grey-white dress. It's got a hint of Lady Gaga but not too much that you actually look insane- always the key balance ;)

Like a Virgin Necklace
 The title of this necklace is so perfect. It definitely is Madonna-inspired! I would pair this with a little black dress to jazz up the outfit and give it that rocker-chic edge.

Tassled Suede Jacket
This jacket could go with so many styles, it could go with a bohemian dress, as well as a rock kind of outfit. It's also very 1970s, which this winter is coming back in. The suede is luxurious and there are just enough tassles, not too much that it looks over the top.

Harem Pants

Harem pants seem to be showing no sign of being unfashionable, and with everyone wearing them, this unusual, eye-popping blue will make you stand out amongst the rest.  And for $29.00, they are an absolute steal!


  1. The futuristic dress+ like a virgin necklace are amazing! Absolutely love them both :) great picks!


  2. Thanks :) Those are my favourites! They are so amazing! I'm actually tempted to even order the dress!