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Thursday, July 21, 2011

First Post!

So this is my first post... and of course, my first blog. I am an unbelievably apprehensive at starting this, seeing as I find it near impossible to remind myself to actually write something. But I will try my best, and I am sure that the subject matter being fashion, my absolute passion in life, will help me become a conscientous blogger. I don't know where to start- I suppose I should say a little about myself. I am a history and politics student at the University of Edinburgh and have finally decided to pursue my dream of going into fashion PR. I have a twitter account (@alixmabon) to tweet about my opinions on the latest fashion news and trends. I don't know what form this blog shall take, the only thing I can ensure is that it will be dripping in fashion. I will blog about it, post pictures about it, dress for it, everything! So if you would like to get the latest finds, news about the latest trends and designers, give my blog a try :)

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