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Friday, July 29, 2011

Style Icon of the Day: Grace Kelly

The always stunning
 Grace Kelly
With everyone obsessed with old Hollywood glamour, Grace Kelly is and will always be considered one of the epitomes of not only glamour, but of elegance, style and class, hence why she is the style icon of the day. Grace Kelly may have reigned as a fashion icon in the 1950s, but the fact people still emulate her illustrate that she has never went out of style. This immortality of her style is down to what is typical of the Grace Kelly style- simple, classic clothes and cuts that flattered her figure. Here are my favourite looks of Grace Kelly and how to get them.

Grace wearing a classic lace dress typicalk of her style

Shayna Lace Dress

This stunning white lace dress is the whole pretty and prim style that is all the rage this summer.  A white lace dress like this one above and the picks below are a statement on their own, so keep accessories to a minimum, with a clutch bag and dainty jewellery, such as a small necklace will suffice.

White Lace Flippy Dress

White Lace Flare Dress

Obi-Satin Dress
This stunning dress has a very flattering cut, emphasizing Grace's figure. Choose one that is fitted at the waist, giving a smaller waist, and if you have a large bust, ensure that the details on the bust are not too much, which will make you appear heavier.

Jersey & Satin Dress
£180 or $380

This dress is so stunning and unique but it still is quite classic and has a very flattering shape, emphasizing her small waist due to the flare cut of the dress.

Flared Colour Block Dress

Flared Ivory Short Prom Dress

The Iconic Hermes Kelly Bag
A blog entry is not complete a mention of the iconic hermes bag, the Kelly. This classic bag is so paramount to Grace Kelly's style that it was even named after her!

A Limited Editon Kelly Bag with Kelly on it !


  1. Hey Alix

    Grace Kelly is such an icon and inspiration to fashion as well as all of old Hollywood. Makes me think of the newest edition to the Princesses of Monaco, Charlene Wittstock and her threats at starting a Monaco Fashion Week. Hey she's South African too! I'll be waiting for your feature on her.


  2. A Monaco Fashion Week would be interesting! Haha, yeah the whole of South Africa is buzzing about Charlene, she has a lot of elegance just like Grace did! I will definitely be doing a feature of her soon :)