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Monday, July 25, 2011

Trends for A/W 2011

With autumn and winter pushing summer out of the way, it's time to check out what the biggest trends will be featuring in the high streets across the country (and world, well, if you're in the northern hemisphere that is. Southern hemisphere, enjoy your summer... lucky sods).

Trend 1: Mad for Spots!

Diane von Furstenberg
 A/W 2011

Spots and circles were everywhere, featuring in Diane von Furstenberg's Fall collection and Marc Jacob's A/W collection (remember the tights with the circles in my last post?).

Marc Jacobs
A/W Collection 2011

Tips: Wear tights with dotted patterns, for the high street try Pretty Polly. Don't go too overboard with the spots though, keep the rest of your outfit simple with block colours. And no stripes and spots, unless you want to look like a children's entertainer.

Trend 2 :S-S-&-M-M!

Alexander McQueen
A/W Collection 2011
Topshop Unique
A/W Collection
Rihanna should be proud. Her singing of her love for all things S&M has made the catwalks blaze with a dominatrix style. Black patent leathers, black leather belts and sheer were everywhere. Marc Jacobs and Givenchy channeled their inner dominatrix this season, with other designers following suit too.

Tips: This look can be very sexy, but there is a thin line between sexy and slutty. When wearing PVC or patent leather, ALWAYS make sure it's black, anything else can look cheap. Keep accessories minimal- now is not the time to show off your whip or dog collar. Sheer is uber sexy... showing off a bit of flesh is very S&M and in, but make sure that you leave enough for the imagination. Black leather boots are an essential for any dominatrix- but make sure you get ones in leather, and ones that can take you throughout many seasons. Remember, this is a tricky look and is one that can go from classy to trashy in just one accessory. And for the love of God, leave the fishnets alone.

Trend 3:  Sheer Brilliance!

A/W Collection 2011
A/W Collection 2011
If you find the S&M trend not to your liking, but still want to stay fashionably on top, why don't you rock the sheer look? Sheer isn't something that is new, it has been in almost every season, so it is a trend that is a surefire winner at staying in your wardrobe for a long time coming. Givenchy went crazy for the sheer look, accessorizing it with panthers (I'm not entirely sold on panthers as a trend, but that's just me).

Tips: The easiest and personally, the best way to work this trend is with a sheer blouse. You can get them in a range of colours, and there is something so sexy yet classy wearing what should be a conservative top yet you can see your bra. However, remember, that if your underwear is going to be on show for the world to see, make sure it's nice underwear. If you're daring enough, go for neon coloured bras under a black or cream sheer blouse. With sheer skirts, they may look cool on the catwalk, but on the streets, it may give off the wrong impression. If you're wearing a sheer blouse, remember the top-bottom rule. If you're showing on top, cover the bottom, to get the sexy, not slutty, balance right ;)

Trend 4: Jewels, Glorious Jewels!

Diane von Furstenberg
A/W 2011

A/W 2011

This S/S we saw a lot of neon colours that would put a pack of highlighters to shame. However, most designers have put down the spraypaint and are now going for deeper, richer colours this winter. A palette of deep burgundies, blues, and emeralds graced the catwalks of many a designer such as Diane von Furstenberg, Dior, and Gucci. They add instant class to any outfit :)

Tips: You can have an outfit completely out of jewel colours, have a jewel coloured dress such as purple, with a deep yellow belt and emerald accessories. Just like bright colour-blocking in S/S 2011, have fun with this trend. However, if colours aren't really your favourites, invest in a jewel-coloured coat such as ruby or emerald or get accessories with jewel colours such as amethyst or citrine. With this trend, the world is your oyster, or more accurate, your jewel :)
Roksanda Illincic
A/W 2011
I am so in love with this outfit,
 I think it illustrates how jewel
 colours should be done this season perfectly.

Ralph Lauren
A/W 2011

Trend 5: Tartan Army

Moschino Cheap and Chic
A/W 2011
If jewels are too plain for you, then maybe this trend is more to your liking. The Scottish pattern is in full force this winter, rocking up on many runways such as Burberry and Moschino. It reminds me of those tartan blankets you get, I imagine wrapping myself up in one of those in the form of a more stylish poncho. Tartan was not restricted to scarves this season, but was featured in the form of trousers, suits, coats, and tops.
A/W 2011

Tips: A tartan coat is a perfect way to jazz up any outfit, but if you're daring enough, wear a pair of tartan trousers with a white or cream blouse. Remember that this print is very busy, so keep the rest of the outfit and accessories to a minimum. Unlike colour blocking, don't try dressing in head to toe tartan... unless your style icon is Braveheart.
Tory Burch
A/W 2011


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