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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Fashion Review: Bafta Gala

The first of my new post series called Fashion Review- where I will be looking at some of the outfits on the red carpet and giving my opinion. The first is on the Bafta Gala that was held in Los Angeles, with even Prince William and the always-stylish Kate Middleton as guests. But let's get down to the important bit- the fashion, both the good... and the bad.

 I absolutely love Kate Middleton's style. She always manages to stand out, being both simple and elegant at the same time. This lilac Alexander McQueen dress is incredibly elegant and I love the belt detail at the waist, showing off her svelte figure. I also like how Kate didn't accessorise much, letting the dress stand out on its own. If I were to give one criticism, I would have chosen another clutch. The gold clutch doesn't seem to compliment it as well as another clutch would, such as maybe a nude or cream one. William also looks very sharp in his nicely fitted tuxedo, however, as usual, Kate takes center-stage. Sorry, William! Star Rating: 4/5

I really like this dress- one-shoulder dresses are really in right now, and the royal blue really compliments Jennifer Garner. I also like how, like Kate, she kept her accessories simple, with an elegant box-clutch. I also like the ruffle detail, however, it seems a bit baggy around the torso, so I think it could have been better fitted.  Star Rating: 3.5/5

I am a bit half-half about Nicole Kidman's dress. Although I love the shape and cut of the dress, I feel that the colour is a bit... insipid. I am also a bit over the glittery/sparkly dresses- they've been overdone to death, and the silver clutch looks a bit cheap... as if it's more like a make-up bag. And with a sparkly dress, adding silver on top of it is too much. Her hair is also too plain- not like she is attending a red carpet event. Star Rating: 1.5/5

 Tom Hanks' wife, Rita Wilson, doesn't impress me in this dress. It looks a lot like Nicole Kidman's dress, just in a slightly better colour. I feel that the fit and cut of the dress is unflattering, making her appear bigger and shapeless. Also, the bag does absolutely nothing to help the dress. When wearing a sparkly dress, don't add a silver accessory too! She could also have done with some jewellery. Star Rating: 1/5
 I love the black and gold combo to Kristin Chenoweth's dress, as well as the unusual shape to it. This Max Azria gown really looks classy as well as unique. I love the matching clutch and the simply gold jewellery to highlight the dress. At first, I thought an updo would have been better, but after looking at other pictures, the laidback hair suits the dress well. Star Rating: 4.5/5
 There has been divided opinion on Jennifer Lopez's dress, and now it's time to give mine. I. hate. it. I think it looks trashy, the colour is horrific, and her left arm looks like it's been eaten by a snake. The cut-out detail looks trashy. Yes, she has a fantastic figure, but it would look trashy on a 20 year old, let alone a 40 year old. It just does not work. However, I do have to compliment Jen on her beautiful hair and makeup, as well as the clutch; it does go well with the dress, even if the dress is a monstrosity. If it weren't for the makeup, hair, and clutch, this would have been a big fat zero. Star Rating: 1/5.

But what do you guys think? Do you disagree or agree? Become a follower and leave your comments :)

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