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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Find of the Day: Chanel Jewellery

Chanel may be famous for its sophisticated, simple style which is seen in their iconic black dresses and tweed suits (let's not forget Chanel no. 5!) but the thing I have always loved about Chanel is their stunning jewellery, if only I could afford it! Despite my budget, I have chosen a few of my favourite items from Chanel to be the find of the day. Enjoy!

I love the colours in this cuff. 

I love this Chanel ring, the red is just so stunning as the background. 

Imagine this with some pearls and a little black dress...

                                      A very unusual bracelet which reminds me of branches of a tree?

These cuffs are ultra modern but are classic at the same time!

This Chanel necklace from the S/S 2011 Collection is so unusual and so striking!

I think this could go with so many outfits and is so classic!
If you like this, check out my post reviewing the latest Chanel collection!


  1. So in love with Chanel!!! I'm already following your blog! Thank you so much for following me and joining my group on IFB.
    Keep in touch,

  2. Great blog! Now following:)

    LOVE Chanel! A beautiful selection of jewellery:)


  3. Oh what beautiful pieces! I love!


  4. Loving the Chanel cuffs! Such beautiful jewellery.

    I came across your blog link on the topic I created on IFB. Love your blog :) check out mine if you can.


  5. I totally would love that necklace! It's so darling! :) Thanks for the overload of Chanel jewelry!