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Monday, August 15, 2011

Find of the Day: Dolly Dagger Boutique

I stumbled upon this cute little boutique website by chance and I am so glad I did! Their 1950s sailor theme is so cute and fun, with unusual designs for jewellery and bags that would give an unusual and retro feel to any outfit! I am in fact considering having my blog giveaway from them, so if you like it, comment with your opinions! It's your giveaway, so you decide :)

 These adorable little earrings are a steal at £8.00 each, with the first set being kiwi choc cherry pies and the second set as strawberry cream pies. Good enough to eat!

Well hello sailor! The nautical theme is still lingering, and these cute earrings are silver-plated and only £19.00 whilst the matching necklace is £15.00

 I am in love with these rings and was thinking of having one as part of my blog giveaway. These broken heart rings from Me and Zena are an unusual take on heart jewellery and are going for £16.00 each.

The matching necklace is also something I am considering to be a part of the giveaway too. If it is not part of the giveaway, it can be yours for £22.00.

I love these unusual totes, and would be great for the shops as well as trips to the beach, or just an unusual touch to a casual outfit.  They are selling for £34.99 each!

I also love this cute glittery apple ring which would be great for a night out! With a wooden ring base, it is going for £18.00.

I love this unusual retro necklace called the Grummann Wildcat and it's onlt £30.00

I am in love with this Tokyo Jewellery box! Made of tin and beautiful retro illustrations, it is perfect for keeping safe any jewellery. The jewellery box also contains a character pendant, ring, and charm bracelet. I am also considering this as part of the giveaway too. £15.00.

Not only does Dolly Dagger do clothing and jewellery, but also for £25.00 they do a "Boutique VIP Experience".  This entails that at their Brighton boutique, you shall be greeted with cupcakes and cocktails, as well as a complimentary makeover and a lesson in vintage style from their professional team.You also get a Dolly Dagger goodie bag for hen you leave! A perfect birthday gift for any retro fashionista!

As I've mentioned a few times, I think that a few items would be great as part of my blog giveaway celebrating having over 50 followers. If you would like one of the items as a giveaway, please comment or tweet to me! (@alixmabon). The items I am considering for the giveaway are: Broken heart ring, broken heart pendant, or Tokyo Box. This is your giveaway so you decide! :)


  1. Thanks for commenting sweety:) The bag indeed goes well with almost everything. I think the broken harted ring would be perfect for the giveaway. Will it be international?? xo

  2. Ahhh! I love Dolly Dagger so much :) They're amazing! I'd So go for the jewellery box with the charm bracelet etc...but I'm skinto, bad times! I love their whole look and ethos :)
    Fab idea! xxx

  3. Thanks guys :) Argh this is why I need help because I love them all! The giveaway will be international, yes, because I think it would be unfair leaving out people who are loyal to my blog just because they're not in the UK! I'm feeling the jewellery box as a good prize, even though the ring is a stunner, but I will wait and see what everyone else thinks :) Thanks for your comments :)