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Monday, August 29, 2011

Find of the Day: Tiffany Jewellery

Hello lovely readers! First of all, I'm very sorry for being so late with my blog posts, but I've recently gotten a job so I've been quite busy! However, I'm going to try and blog a bit more this week, so expect quite a few new posts! I downloaded the Tiffany app for my iPhone, and basically it's an app where you can look at their engagement rings and try it on a photo of a hand. I was hesitant to tell you all about this little app, considering I am nowhere near getting engaged anytime soon, however, Tiffany's is so stunning, I just had to do a blog post on my favourite finds! And, I've found my engagement ring thanks to this little app, I'm debating between the Tiffany Novo and the classic Tiffany Setting... even if I will be waiting a good few years for it! :P

The Tiffany Novo Ring
The Tiffany Setting

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  1. What beautiful pieces - Tiffanys truly is so classic! I adore the heart pieces :)


  2. great pieces! i love the blue pendant!

  3. love tiffany!!
    xx from Edinburgh