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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Style Review: Comic-Con

Yesterday we had celebrity athletes being reviewed, and today will be celebrity comic-book junkies. Although Comic-Con in San Diego would probably strike one as having wacky fashions being inspired by favourite comic-book characters, celebrities came to the annual fan convention in some stylish outfits- as well as some not-so stylish numbers.

This outfit looks like Ginnifer Goodwin took a bright yellow sack and belted it with a bizarre looking belt that has pigeon attached to it. I'm not a fan... the dress is not at all flattering, with the fit just being shapeless as any sack would, and the nude heels with the bright yellow just doesn't go. If she HAD to wear this dress, I would have worn black heels to emphasize the black belt. Style Rating: 0/5

I love this cute little D&G floral print number that Nikki Reed is wearing... it's very summery and the black pumps compliment the outfit perfectly. Her wavy long hair and make up compliment the look well, however, I would have worn a little gold necklace, maybe a cute locket that are everywhere because her chest looks quite bare. The dress could also be a little bit longer, maybe just an inch or two. Style Rating: 4/5

This dress looks like Carey Mulligan took strips of fabric and attached them together. It seems like she was following Ginnifer Goodwin in making your own outfit a trend. Although that will hopefully be a trend that never takes off, Carey is on trend with colour blocking and the 50s style fit is very flattering. However, I just don't think this dress works. It may be a cut-out dress (which is also really in right now), it just isn't as eye-catching or as flattering as others, it looks badly made. Style Rating: 2/5

I love this cute little chiffon tiger-print dress from Ashley Greene. I love the style of the dress as well as the little red detail which adds a nice splash of colour. Her long wavy hair also goes well with the look and the nude heels are a perfect touch. Style Rating: 4/5

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