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Friday, August 5, 2011

Style Review: The Espys

Hey everybody, I'm back! I'm super busy right now, but I will try to keep blogging as often as I can! I've chosen the ESPYS to review. The ESPY award is for sports excellence, however it's not the athletic accolades I'm concerned about, but more the fashion. So let's cut to the chase...

 Did she take the wrong turn when looking for the Red Light District? Leather and bondage and S&M may be very in right now, but there's a thin line between trendy and tarty. A red leather mini-dress? It's just a no... again, unless you're working the Red Light District, not the red carpet. Star Rating: 0.5/5

There have been mixed opinions over this pink skirt-suit, but my opinion is anything but mixed. She. looks. like. a. marshmallow. She should have worn a top underneath the jacket as it's too revealing, and the bright pink with the chunky gold necklace is too much. I also think the flare and pocket on the jacket make her seem bigger. Star rating: 0.5/5
 I look at this dress one minute and love it, and then I look at it again, and I'm not too keen. I think the snakeskin print being metallic is really interesting, but I'm not too keen on the colour change at the bottom. I think it would have looked much sleeker by being just one colour. The metallic is enough. I also think her hair could do with some more volume. Star Rating: 3/5

I think this dress is a bit frumpy. I'm not too keen on the colour, maybe a royal blue would be better? It's not terrible, in fact it is quite sophisticated with the cut, but I think that a few more accessories- such as gold jewellery would maybe make the outfit stand out more. The matching clutch also makes it look too safe an outfit. Star Rating: 2/5

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