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Monday, August 15, 2011

Style Review: Teen Choice Awards

The Teen Choice Awards was held a few Sundays ago with stars such as Kim Kardashian, Blake Lively, and Tyra Banks showing off their outfits. The awards ceremony, which honours the biggest achievements in music, film, and sport as chosen by teens, showcased a lot of outfits, some great, and some... questionable.

I absolutely love this dress! She looks so striking and ethereal, and I love the cut of it, emphasizing her waist. I love the colour and the grecian style is very sophisticated and flattering. The hair is perfect too, and suits the dress. Simply stunning! Style Rating: 5/5

I love Blake Lively's classy and sophisticated and yet she keeps it really young and fun. The bright colour is perfect for the transition from summer to winter and the cut of the dress compliments Lively's svelte figure. If I were to change one outfit, I would add an accessory to break up the colour a bit, maybe a black belt? Style Rating: 4/5

I'm not too sure I like this dress. It just doesn't work for me. I think that it looks like a curtain and isn't flattering at all. I like her hair, but I think overall the outfit is bland... maybe some gold accessories would spruce it up? Style Rating: 2/5

Kim Kardashian looks like a black and white Big Bird. I just think this dress is tacky, tacky, tacky! The hairstyle with the whole skirt make her look like a 7 year old aspiring ballerina. I'm just not a fan. Style Rating: 1/5

I'm unsure about this dress, I love maxi dresses and prints are so trendy right now, however, I feel this print is too busy and sort of... looks like a tablecloth. However, I like her hair and this dress isn't too terrible. Style Rating: 3/5

This dress is so unusual and I think it is absolutely stunning on Selena Gomez. I love the detail of the bust, and the train on the dress is perfect. The gold colour is perfect with Selena's tan and the earrings compliment the outfit perfectly. I like how she didn't wear a necklace so the attention is all on the dress but the pink clutch is a great splash of colour. Style Rating: 5/5

Did Tyra Banks fashion some garbage bags together to create a Catwoman look? Leather and fetish may be in right now, but that isn't a euphemism for cheap and tacky Tyra. This outfit is so wrong and not at all flattering. Style Rating: 0/5

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