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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Find of the Day: Fairy Gothmother

My find of the day is more unsual today- it's a gothic/50s boutique from London, and I just had to feature them for their stunning corsets, eye-catching retro dresses, and their unusual wedding dresses. Fairy Gothmother is not the stereotypical Gothic fare you are probably thinking of- fishnets, everything black, and generally angst-ridden, but is more the sexy burlesque type that Dita von Teese would go wild over. Here are some of my favourite picks from this stylish boutique.


I am a huge fan of burlesque and corsets and I love their detailed corsets. They are so well made! 


I am also in love with their figure hugging gowns. The corset top and the flared skirt of the dress makes it uber flattering, giving off a tiny waist.  


I also love their cute 1950s inspired retro dresses and their unusual bridal collection.


If you like this style, check out my other finds such as Steampunk Jewellery and Irregular Choice.


  1. Fairy Gothmother are utterly fantastic! Great customer service, very friendly people, and gorgeous clothing and corsetry x

  2. Such beautiful & inspiring photos! Thank you for posting.


  3. Oh my actual god cannot beleive how much I LOVE these! Thankyou so much for this link!


  4. Great clothes! I love the style ^^ I'm following you right now and I would love it if you would return the favour :) Love, Jenna

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