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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Miu Miu A/W 2012 Collection

If there was a phrase I would assign to the Miu Miu collection, it would most definitely be 'suit up'. The sleek straight-leg trousers with matching tailored jackets with a palette of metallic greens and reds as well as prints that were quite Seventies were very striking whilst emphasizing the jewelled eye makeup. The suits were quite androgynous, however, the mosaic print of the shirts and the silk look and feel of the outfits gave it a feminine feel as well as making it feel quite psychedelic. However, I am unsure about the brown suede coats as I felt they lacked shape and could be quite unflattering on some figures. However, considering I am not one that is very big on suits, the slick metallic and dazzling colours and geometric mosaic prints made me wish I could get my hands on a suit in every colour.

Purple is my favourite colour and I love the pinstripe,
metallic print of this suit. Although
it does remind me of Willy Wonka
 for some strange reason!

I am unsure about the suede coat in terms
of how flattering it would be. I prefer the cinched in
at the waist coats of other designers.

Everytime I see this, I keep on thinking
of Watson from Sherlock Holmes! But I
absolutely love it and would team it with
skinny jeans or for a more daring and
uber-trendy outfit, I would pair it with
pinstripe straight-leg trousers.

This suit is uber-Seventies
and I just love it!

This is very similar to the
doily print featured in some dresses
and coats from the Alexander McQueen

This dress has an unsual
futuristic feel to it compared
to the other Seventies-inspired outfits.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Alexander McQueen A/W 2012

When I think about the Alexander McQueen A/W 2012 collection, I think of snow leopards. Fluffy, white, and opulent snow leopards. However, fortunately the models looked anything but snow-white felines, with beautifully constructed skater skirts and fitted jackets with peplums. There were Mary-Janes with woolly socks (I wonder if this will be a trend we will see being worn by women on the High Street this winter then?) as well as beautiful silk and leather dresses that were definitely not short on detail.

 I love the doily print dresses and coats as well as the overall structure with it being fitted at the waist cinched even further with futuristic waist belts. I also love the futuristic style black pom-pom dress. The whole theme along with all models wearing visors seems to have been futuristic whilst having a classic twist with the fur, peplums, and doily-prints.

I absolutely love this dress!
Note the unusual sleeve.

 There was also a beautiful scarlet added to the palette for evening wear as well as fur being the central material used in the evening dresses and coats. Note the structure focusing on accentuating the waist and bare shoulders. I love how there are heavy puffed up layers such as the dresses featured below but because of the construction of it, they still flatter the feminine silhouette and have a sense of femininity with the details of petals and ostrich feathers especially at the hem of dresses.

Bag of the Week: The Dolce

Everyone has been talking about Mulberry's Del Rey bag, and although the bag inspired by Lana del Rey is an obvious classic, another contender for this summer's ultimate bag is equally as stunning, if not more so. The bag in question is The Dolce by Dolce and Gabbana.

I love the straw feel to the bag and in the picture above as well as when you look at the bag from afar, the bag looks quite similar to the Prada Madras bag.

The website describes the bag as representing the duality of a woman as the name Dolce illustrates the sweetness of a woman (the name conjures up an image of a sensuous confident woman to me) whilst the clasp symbolizes her innate strength.

I personally prefer the classic design of the bag rather than the leather straw design. I love the colours but it would be great to see a summer range of them such as in turquoise. My dream Dolce would be the classic design above but with thise season's aubergine print (you can see it as the border for the black bag).

Trend of the Day: Prints

Prints are huge this summer as not only did they grace the catwalk at Prada with its 1950s inspired catwalk prints to the unusual aubergine prints of Dolce and Gabbana. Aztec prints have been huge too, and I must admit I have been a victim of that... From dresses to bracelets and even to shoes, I look like I could have been an Aztec! Here are my favourite items to inject some prints into your wardrobe. To earn even more fashion credits, make an outfit of clashing prints.

Panelled Geo Bodycon Dress
River Island

Ice Cream Print Pinafore Dress

Sundress in Ellie Print
Zebra Print Dress
River Island
Tea Party Print Dress

Lips Print Dress

 The shirt dress in daisy print is from ASOS and is £24.00. The ice cream print dress is from Vero Moda and costs £16.00. The bandeau dress is also from ASOS and costs £18.00.

Ice Cream Denim Shorts
River Island

No 4. Floral Linear Skinnies
Union Jack Skinny Jeans

Car Print Mini Skater Skirt
Geometric Print Converse

Aztec Print Mini Skater Skirt

Brindamour Peep Toe Wedges

ZigZag Printed Wedges
Blind Cork

Mendonsa Printed Sandals

Aztec Print Skater Dress

Graffiti Print Wedges
London Rebel