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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Alexander McQueen A/W 2012

When I think about the Alexander McQueen A/W 2012 collection, I think of snow leopards. Fluffy, white, and opulent snow leopards. However, fortunately the models looked anything but snow-white felines, with beautifully constructed skater skirts and fitted jackets with peplums. There were Mary-Janes with woolly socks (I wonder if this will be a trend we will see being worn by women on the High Street this winter then?) as well as beautiful silk and leather dresses that were definitely not short on detail.

 I love the doily print dresses and coats as well as the overall structure with it being fitted at the waist cinched even further with futuristic waist belts. I also love the futuristic style black pom-pom dress. The whole theme along with all models wearing visors seems to have been futuristic whilst having a classic twist with the fur, peplums, and doily-prints.

I absolutely love this dress!
Note the unusual sleeve.

 There was also a beautiful scarlet added to the palette for evening wear as well as fur being the central material used in the evening dresses and coats. Note the structure focusing on accentuating the waist and bare shoulders. I love how there are heavy puffed up layers such as the dresses featured below but because of the construction of it, they still flatter the feminine silhouette and have a sense of femininity with the details of petals and ostrich feathers especially at the hem of dresses.


  1. I feel your pain!! I wish I could just get one, I'm not even that picky on which one because they are all so gorgeous! Well maybe in a few years, or possibly if I win the lottery!


  2. Oh my godddd showstoppers or WHAT?!


  3. There's some really lovely dresses in their, I love the colours! Not sure if I could pull off all those dresses though.


  4. I dsisn't fell in love with this collection, but some pieces are interesting!