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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Review of Valentino Pre S/S 2013

Simple, understated, and feminine would be the words I would use to describe Valentino's pre- Spring/Summer 2013 collection. There is a lot of floral detail in the collection- it wouldn't be Valentino if it didn't contain the feminine staple, however this season it not in-your-face as many floral trends have been these past few seasons.

The pastel palette as well as materials such as lace and crochet rather gave it a more elegant, simple vintage feel - a refreshing change from the digital print craze from past seasons.

The collection overall contains very simple lines, there are no ornate busy details that we have seen in many of last summer's collections. Beautiful dresses made with multi-coloured floral crochet were set beautifully against a backdrop of beige as well as sheer fabric sexing it up with Peter-Pan collars making an appearance.

Long, up to the neck dresses which we also saw in the Dior collection were made with pastel and lace, with a fitted top with the dress billowing out at the bottom.

Key Features of Valentino S/S 2013:

- Pastel Floral Prints
- Crochet floral on beige and lace
- Ruffles replaced by  simple clean lines
- Peplum blouses with cigarette trousers
- Fitted full neck dresses
- Simple, feminine, vintage. 

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Find of the Day: Little Odd Forest

Today I found the cutest little indie online website, that is perfect for people that love to add a cute kitsch and craft-like element to their style. Little Odd Forest is an indie lifestyle label which was started by Lynda Lye, a Singapore designer. She describes her label as a "lifestyle embraced by many, especially handmade lovers and craft connoisseurs from all over the world who appreciate a little dose of fun in their everyday life".

Linda says she makes only what she likes, and is anti-shiny leather bags and all things flashy, preferring to have things that are one-of-a-kind creations thus everything is produced in limited numbers. She uses vintage/out-of-production materials and playing with various combinations to make each piece unique. But enough information, time for my favourite picks of this quirky indie brand!

Pixie Leaf Ribbon Pin Brooch

Pixie Leaf Ribbon Pin Brooch

Forest Tree Nymph Pin Brooch

Sad Winter Tree Fleece Scarf

Who Made the Rabbit Cry Tank Top

Wanderlust Critter Backpack (Fantastic Fox)

Wanderlust Critter Backpack (Hoot the Owl)

Folded Leaf Wristlet (Vintage Bedtime Critters)

Hoot the Owl Sling Purse (Blush Tree Bark)

The Enchanted Kitsune (Rustling Sylvan)

Leaf Pocket Bag (Rose Grid Blues)

Whispering Trees Satchel (Spring Time Woods)

The Delightful Squirrel Purse

Over the Rainbow Satchel (Ebony Tempest)

Over the Rainbow Bag (Woodland Critters)

Memoire (Hanging Fabric Photo Frame)

Memoire (Hanging Fabric Photo Frame)

A Figure of Speech Plush Cushion (XOXO)

Little Odd Forest can be found here and they do ship worldwide.